Always Never Makes Their Debut with Self Titled Album

First hearing them off the Joe Budden Podcast, it's exciting that the duo Always Never have finally released their self-titled debut album.

Made up of Patrick Kirschner (vocalist) and Dean Guilbault (producer), their music is hypnotic and hard to not get lost in. It's that Toronto sound that has all of us Americans listening close.

“This album is a huge moment for us and probably one of the most challenging things we’ve ever had to do. The idea of making a body of work this big used to scare the shit out of us to be honest. We’re also control freaks when it comes to our music so we actually wrote, recorded, and produced every song in our little Toronto apartment. We’ve been through a lot since starting Always Never and we’re not afraid to admit that. I think what people will connect with the most on this project is how honest and relatable it is.” - @ Complex

Coming in at 14 tracks, stream Always Never's self-titled debut below via SoundCloud - also available via Apple, TIDAL, and Spotify.

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