'Clips Vol. IV,' The Perfect Buzz You Need

In 2017, 8aint jame8 decided to present his artistry to the world with Clips - not enough music to get you high, but just enough to give you a buzz. He continued on with the series, leading us to this very moment - I present Clips Vol. IV:

The Jersey native first publicly shared Vol. IV during a feature set this past October. While this set shared the same high energy as his past performances, there was something different about this one. The showman put his heart into it while premiering new upcoming music for those who attended. There was something that sparked within Saint, something so special that you not only seen it but felt it. You felt that fire, that drive, that hunger. He ended his set leaving you buzzed enough to be satisfied but wanting more.

Flash forward to Clips Vol. IV listening party: love, organic vibes, carefully selected music and several Clips in rotation. By surrounding himself with family and friends - most being artists themselves - Saint in turn created the perfect atmosphere to indulge in new music. Regardless of the little something something in your cup or the smell of earth in the air, it was the love that overwhelmed you. It was the sense of family, pride and respect that took over you and made you feel at ease. Jafar could never survive such conditions. 

Executive produced by Saint himself, Clips Vol. IV includes STTP-house producers NDEED and Epidemic, and features from fellow lablemates LBtheGreat and Villa. A project that's simple and short, it aims to make you feel good in that moment. My advice, keep Clips Vol. IV in rotation so that moment never ends.

Give me my respect

Give me my respect 

Give me that

The hard-hitting beats of “The Play” instantly catch your attention. Soon you find yourself lost in the song, catching the flow Saint so effortlessly provides. After opening with the ultimate rapper bravado, Saint moves on to spit some bars for the hip hop heads on “It’s Done.” While you’re getting lost in yet another NDEED-laced track, you find yourself stopping to decipher the lyrics. “Wait, wait… he said what?!"

The 88 Saint then takes it back home with “Union Street Park,” featuring Villa: “I need ya to bounce.” And oh, you do. Try to sit still, I dare you. Saint taps into his aspirations, coming from humble beginnings and waiting for his come up.

8aint jame8 moves from “hoop dreams” to “The Arena” as he wraps up Clips Vol. IV. Featuring Villa and LBtheGreat, the trio flex hard over the S-Double beat. “The Arena” is, in itself, a true STTP track. All members touch the final track whether in production or on the mic. “The Arena” is essentially the gateway to greatness that is ahead of us. This is only the beginning of the S-Double Takeover.

Only break beard with my team


8aint jame8.

The 88 Saint.


SBJ, if you’re lucky.

Call him what you want, but the Straight To The Point member is a force to be reckoned with. Do yourself the favor and get familiar:

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Also check out Clips, Vol. 2, and Vol. 3. Can’t get enough? Peep his team’s collaboration tape with an array of super talented artists, #STTPSZN.

“The journey to SUCCESS continues…”


Executive Producer: Christian "8aint jame8" James⁠ @the88saint Associate Producers: NDEED @keithvjohn, LBtheGREAT @lb.the.great, VILLA @VillaSTTP, and EPIDEMIC @Epidemic.Esco for STTP⁠ A&R: Christian "8aint jame8" James⁠ Album Coordination: Christian "8aint jame8" James⁠ Management: STTP MGMT⁠ Recorded at 934 Music Studio (Totowa, NJ) @934musicstudio ⁠ Recorded by Tiago "@TacticalMuzik" Fernandes ⁠ Mixed By Patrick "@MixedByTheBest" Rosario ⁠ Mastered By Patrick "@MixedByTheBest" Rosario⁠ Art Direction: 8aint jame8 and Dave Legend @elezander ⁠ Design: 8aint jame8 and Dave Legend @elezander ⁠ Photography: Dave Legend @elezander

℗ & © 2020 STTP LLC. All rights reserved.

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