Eminem is Out For Blood in Surprise Album, 'Kamikaze' (Review)

Updated: Oct 8, 2018


You wanted him back, right? He heard those rumblings, and now Shady's back - “tell a friend.” He’s back with a vengeance. With malice in his intent, Eminem dropped a surprise album that indeed shook up the Hip Hop world.




An axe murderer is on the loose, and “if you’re not Joyner… Kendrick or Cole or Sean,” you’re fucked!

“I can take all you motherfuckers all at once”

Flexing his lyrical prowess, Shady resurrects and performs quite the slaughter. There’s also some Marshall in there, as the critique of his last album hit close to home. He goes on the attack, throwing jabs at media journalists (welp!), Drake, Joe Budden, DJ Akamedics, Machine Gun Kelly, Charlamagne, and a slew of Lil’s. No, Em! Not the Lil’s! Eh, they deserved it.

While the jabs are brilliantly petty, what’s worth focusing on is the structure and artistry of Kamikaze. The “Rap God” switches flows effortlessly as he swiftly goes in for the kill. No seriously, what are syllables to this man?! All hail the King of Gab (and jabs). Forget Merriam–Webster and Oxford, I want Shady’s dictionary. And those lungs, sheesh.

“And you just stuck the key up in the ignition

And gave me enough gas to flood my engine”

Reminiscent of his early work, Kamikaze is just as abrasive as The Slim Shady LP (’99), and as blatant as The Marshall Mathers LP (’00).  I, for one, am 100 percent here for all the raw-malicious-cruel-tongue-twisting bars.

While Revival received lukewarm reviews, it’s hard to think anyone would still underestimate Eminem. Oh baby, no. To those who did, I want to thank all of you. That was clearly the last straw. Without you guys, Em wouldn’t have been so pissed off that he felt the need to remind us exactly who the hell he is. 

“It’s the moment y’all been prayin’ for”

Straightforward yet metaphorical, Shady spits crisp bars waxed over a prolific soundscape - a deadly combination that'll make your head spin. Kamikaze goes in for the jugular as Shady not only takes shots in his bars, but rapping over new age beats better than the new age. Throughout the album he switches things up by cleverly borrowing flows from some of those he disses. By doing this, he is simultaneously mocking them and showing them how it's done. On the flip side, he doesn’t entirely hate everybody as he shows respect to Kendrick, borrowing flows from “DNA.” and “HUMBLE.” The difference? It’s all in the delivery.

His tenth studio album is equipped with 13 tracks and features SlaughterHouse partner Royce 5’9”, Jessie Reyes, and Joyner Lucas. All smart choices as they compliment and match the angst of Kamikaze perfectly.

"Nobody could ever take away the legacy I made"

Slim Shady has spoken, and now he crawls back to the underbelly of Eminem. Anyone else want to wake him up? 

Go ahead.

He dares you.

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When we weren’t sure if anyone would respond, Machine Gun Kelly responded to Eminem in his newest joint “Rap Devil.” Another epic rap beef for the books! MGK’s “Rap Devil” is tough, as he salutes Em and disses him at the SAME DAMN TIME! While Em is GOAT, MGK’s diss is too good to pass up - check it out.

Who’s next? Stay plugged.

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