LFP: Ep 31 | Quarantine Gems

For yet another quarantine episode, Sade and Kid Pro bring on three guests for episode 31: John Mana, Meanings Infinite, and Karev Yah.

With John Mana (16:54), they speak about his upcoming project he’s been working on, ‘Light Over Valleys Everywhere’ (‘LOVE'), and his Triiibe Called Love open mic shows. They also dive into the process of experimenting with different soundscapes and thinking out the box as an artist.

With M.I. (49:03), they discuss how he really found his voice in spoken word, and his transition  into Rap. M.I. also dives into the start of his open mic series and his experience of visiting over shows.

With Karev Yah (1:32:54), they discuss the beginnings of Heritage Hip Hop with BQ and their main purpose in supporting Jersey talent. In true Lyrical Fix fashion, the hip hop heads get into the current climate, beat battles, and what artist need to focus on for longevity.

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Beat by Spencer Sterling

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