H.E.R. Drops Sequel to 'I Used to Know HER'

Just three months after I Used to Know HER: The Prequel, H.E.R. returns with a sequel.

While its predecessor was labeled the prequel to H.E.R.'s debut album, Part Two was delivered instead and we're not exactly mad about it. The EP is classic H.E.R.., mature content that stands out from the rest.

From The Prequel to Part Two, the polaroid in H.E.R. hands is slowly developing. As we go through projects, the polaroid will fully develop as she fully develops into H.E.R. debut album. Although her anonymity has already been revealed, the transition of the film doesn't exactly lose its effect. As the picture reveals a picture of herself, the debut may signify her moving away from her old name and embracing who she is now.

Stream I Used to Know HER: Part Two below via Apple - also available on Spotify and TIDAL.

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