Jack Freeman, 'Define Love' (Stream)

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

Jack Freeman drops another dope project with his latest album, Define Love.

“I’ve lived my whole life believing in you, longing for you, doing things in the name of you. I thought maybe I had you figured out. I thought this would be easy. But then, you showed me the ugly parts of you. The part no one wants to feel. You’ve kicked me when I was down. You’ve pestered me. You’ve kept me up at night. I’ve hated you. I’ve wanted no part of you. I’ve given you access to me and sometimes all you did was tear me apart. I’ve wanted to die because of you. Your beauty. Your passion. Your light. I’ve lived my whole life thinking I knew what you were and what you looked like. Today I realize I don’t. So my letter to you on 8/24 is everything I found out about you along the way. The good and the bad. The happy and the sad. And I still don’t know shit about you.”

Whether you're riding the wave or crashing head first into love and its beautiful harsh realities, you need to listen to this project. Stream Define Love below via Apple - also available TIDAL and Spotify. Below that you can find the ChopNotSlop version of the album.

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