LFP: Ep 22 | Sunset Blvd James

LFP friend, and very special guest, Sun... 8aint jame8 of STTP sits down with Sade and Kid Pro to discuss new project - 'Clips Vol. 4.'

The duo begin by getting straight to the point with the 88 Saint with a deep dive into ‘Clips Vol. 4.'

They discuss everything from Saint’s creative process, deciding to step up and step out with music, as well as inspirations and aspirations. They also get into some industry talk on a mainstream level and touch on the Jersey underground music scene.

‘Clips Vol. 4’ is available for pre-order, and releases Friday, Jan 31st. And if you like the Sunset gear, cop your own 88 Merch.

Stay Plugged for more from The Lyrical Fix Podcast.

Beat by Ace Felli

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