LFP: Ep 23 | In A Rut

The Lyrical Fix duo come back from taking a break and get straight to the shit.

After catching up with their busy weeks starting from dropping their interview with 8aint Jame8, along with the festivities for his newly released EP, Clips Vol. 4 (4:35). They continue on with the Jersey music scene, artists that they’ve come across and Pro gets into his recent and upcoming shows.

They jump right into topics, paying their respects to Kobe, Gianna Bryant and the others that were lost in the crash (1:10:15). They also get into the controversy that is the Grammys (1:14:08), brining us right into the drama between Puff and Mase.

They quick fire through new music (1:29:35) and the Super Bowl (1:45:00) before wrapping up with their favorite new segment - “If You Don’t Know” (1:53:01).

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Beat by Savvy The Savior

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