LFP: Ep 24 | Holly, Would You Play This?

While discussing their week, they talk about using social media and platforms for promotional purposes, including their own game plans for their individual projects.

There’s a quick run through news, including a reaction to Eminem’s latest performance (34:25), celebrities using their platform for good (or clout) (45:43), and Gayle King versus the world (1:10:30).

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Sade and Kid Pro deep (ha) dive into "making love" versus fuh- you get it (1:23:26) They also get into bad sex stories, from the funny to the sc(h)ary, and Sade gets into story time with “The Triangle” (1:43:20).

More talk on new music, including friends of LFP mentioned in “If You Don’t Know” (1:55:23).

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