LFP: Ep 27 | Meth Heads and Big Klits

Sade and Kid Pro are joined by Malik Morrison, and they get straight into some industry talk.

Among the topics, they deconstruct Meg Thee Stallion's contract issues (46:45), Wale (1:19:04), being business savvy, and plenty more.

The entire episode, with extra-special guest Raquel, the crew circle back to a lot of the topics so just press play and enjoy. Of course with some extra bonus content about hit-and-runs, zodiac signs, and edibles.

The duo put the focus on Malik, where they discuss his last project, the one on the way, and his journey so far (1:35:38) (2:01:46). And don’t forget to catch our “If You Don’t Know” (2:34:08).

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