LFP: Ep 29 | Sour Diesel Baby Formula

Kid Pro and Sade deliver their first quarantine episode. After playing catch up, they bring on some friends to chop it up.

Episode 29 stars YaLadysProspect, GuessMuzik, LRD Trill, 8aint jame8 and Ace Feli. The group discuss how they’re getting by in this time of isolation: whether it be making music with home studios and trying to get by with limited resources. While getting some jokes off, they talk about new music that’s come out as well as their own music - both released and coming “ultra soon.”

We hope everyone is staying safe and sane in this time. For the creatives, keep creating! For the people hosting live shows, keep it up! Let’s keep creating. Let’s build up our community. Artists, keep writing. Producers, keep producing. Host, keep hosting. Podders, keep podding. No need for competition - all love. Again, stay safe.

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