LFP: Ep 32 | Whaddya' Got To Lose?

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Kid Pro and Sade discuss some COVID theories, the “upcoming”election, and the ongoings of some former and present candidates. (10:16)

OB Beatzz (27:09) talks about his come up with producing and engineering, his experience with beat battles, and how he’s been able to monetize on his work.

K Proetic (1:09:10) gets into his collective, R.E.A.L. Music, and upcoming album, 'Beautiful Dystopia.’ They also discuss relationships and the process behind The Francios Podcast.

In wrapping up, Sade decides it’s finally time to address the inevitable (2:05:23). They also get into “If You Don’t Know” (2:16:09): “Done Start” by Derek Tavernier ft Sye, and “Azul” by Ant Kanscious.

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Beat by Spencer Sterling

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