LFP: Ep 35 | Daddy Day Care

After playing catch up, and some ranting, Sade and Kid Pro are joined by artists Steven Darnell and I$h K in "The Chop Up."

They begin with Steven Darnell (34:38), where he discusses his come up, his creative process, having fans overseas, and everything in between. Darnell also shares some of his goals as an artist and as a father. 

Next is I$h K (1:30:05). They deep dive into what it means to be an artist, the expectations that follow, the process behind 'Vibe I$h 1’ and 2, and more. They circle back to a Pro rant when I$h weighs in on the current music scene.

This week’s "If You Don’t Know” features music from Yosonova and Malc (2:26:12), and an added highlight for 2:2.

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Beat by Spencer Sterling

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