LFP: Ep 36 | Less Is More

After getting into a couple rants, Kid Pro and Sade discuss both upcoming and possible live battles; including Erkyah Badu v. Jill Scott (35:34), DMX v Jay Z (42:14). They also deep dive into the past four episodes of “The Last Dance” (57:32)… do you really wanna be like Mike?

The duo discuss the Ahmaud Arbery case being brought to a grand jury, and how this has been happening for far too long (1:12:54). This was recorded before the father and son were arrested for murder, so perhaps we will see justice after all. 

With a quick rundown of some new mainstream releases (1:26:37), Sade and Kid Pro share their “If You Don’t Know” tracks for the week (1:42:27) featuring Nova Soprano, Aarvee, Ray Pearson, and Nate Joël

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Beat by Nissa

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