LFP: Ep 38 | Off The Rails

Kid Pro and Sade offer up an interesting episode this week. Do they tend to go off the rails? Yeah, maybe. From online-interaction overload and Sade’s love for notebooks, to Pro’s injuries and Chinese food - it’s a super random episode but they still drop some gems.

Pro vents about how others may perceive him, and they both explore how artists in general struggle with staying true to themselves against dealing with their image and that outside perception (26:58).

After taking some time to recharge this week, Sade jumped right into new music and does a rundown of some of the releases this month (1:17:58). This week’s “If You Don’t Know” features music from Lrd Trill, Bronxlyn, Sully and Blakk Soul, with an added bonus from GuessMuzik (1:42:56).

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Beat by Nissa

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