LFP: Ep 39 | Micropennies

Lyrical Fix is joined by Ron Solemn and Savvy The Savior for this week’s “The Chop Up.”

With Ron The Ventriloquist, they get into how he’s intricate with his artistry, his performances and when he chose to switch lanes with music (5:20). Pro and Ron also share stories about their first performances and get into the importance of practicing.

With Savvy The Boom Bap Traditionalist, they start off discussing how as a community we should be handling the current situation (1:09:08). They also discuss his influences, how he’s evolving as an artist, and his team The Boppers.

This week’s “If You Don’t Know,” features music chosen by the guests: Loner Lewis and DFNS; and from Lyrical Fix: Triip x Villa x LBtheGreat and King P (2:07:10).

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