LFP: Ep 40 | Fact or Fiction?

Kid Pro and Sade let out their frustrations on the events from the past couple weeks. They discuss everything from George Floyd, Breonna Taylor to the Black Lives Matter and the overall climate. They also address the misinformation that’s been given out and having to decipher what’s fact or fiction. 

In efforts to lighten up the episode, the duo get into new music from Freddie Gibbs, 1/2 of Slaughterhouse, Run The Jewels and more (1:42:39).

This week’s “If You Don’t Know” features music from Ron Solemn, Otto Haze, Shelly Ferrell, and Erene (2:18:53).

Stay Plugged with The Lyrical Fix Pod

Beat by Mr. David Alexander & StraightFire

Opening Song: Yaladysprospect, “Color Blind

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