LFP: Ep 42 | Wet or Dry

Sade and Kid Pro do an in person Chop Up with producer Yosonova (8:30). Over wine and pizza, they discuss Yos’ influences, his come up and the technicalities behind sampling. 

Yos dives into different sounds from over the world (16:59) and sheds light on his methodical artistry while helping to aid an artist’s message/vibe (1:03:50). He also shares some behind the scenes of some recently released tracks.

They also deep dive into Dave Chappelle’s “8:46” (35:42) and there’s more talk on misinformation (54:22).

Pro and Sade do a Quick Fire through some of the latest events: Rayshard Brooks (1:44:25), NBA going back to “normal” (1:58:14), J. Cole controversy (2:12:20). They also get into companies trying to cater to the movement and wrap up with some Juneteenth talk.

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