LFP: Ep 46 | The Clean Up

A whole week of messiness needs an equal amount of clean up.

After catching up on their week, they react to a Petty Paddy lashing out (41:46) which leads to the discussion of buying streams and followers.

They move onto Goya Gate with Chris Cuomo versus Trump (1:15:17), Chance The Sprinter (1:21:29), and Nick Cannon’s recent debacle (1:36:06).

The duo also cover Washington Red…Wolves (1:56:05), Billboard changing the game (2:05:31), a failed quick fire (2:08:39), and finally the infamous Entanglement (2:15:16).

This week’s “If You Don’t Know” features music from TempoXaniDZH, and Dashana (2:28:00).

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Beat by The Hitsystem

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