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For episode 48, Pro and Sade are joined by The 48 God himself - Ace Felli.

After catching up on their week, the duo talk with Ace on what he’s been up to lately, the bag over at Twitch and the meaning behind 48 (17:14).

They keep it light on topics, discussing Rick Ross Verzuz 2 Chainz (34:33), and Meg & the world versus Tory Lanez (53:26).

Sade sparks up the toxic relationship conversation by asking Pro and Ace how they feel about certain situations (1:05:25). From there, they talk about Ace’s infamous and relatable memes, and the work that goes behind them (1:23:23).

This week’s “If You Don’t Know” features music from Void, K Prez, Ziggy Zombie x Skilly BabyAll Hail Y.T. x Left Lane Didon, and The i Of A Genius (1:33:58).

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