LFP: Ep 49 | Whatadowitit

After a powerless couple days, Pro and Sade reunite this week to chop it up as usual. Pro brings up something he came across and it raises a question - does not having a degree in your profession discredit you? (27:36)

The duo deep dive into what could happen if more artists went independent, and would it really “crumble” the industry if Drake walked away from his label? (1:03:33). 

Sade then brings up a recent comment from Tinashe on how segregated the industry is and they discuss how that “niche” pigeon-holding can be found among indie artists (1:26:50). Before wrapping up, they discuss the enigma that is Logic (1:59:07).

This week’s “If You Don’t Know” features music from Konscious, Maverick, Shaolin Prince, and Jamal Gray (1:41:45).

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