LFP: Ep 51 | The Rights

In catching up, Sade goes to her first show, post-quarantine, Pro gets an unexpected gift and also comes to a realization. Sade and Pro also confront a recent issue they’ve come across and share their intentions on sharing music. 

They move on right into topics - starting with the two big singles of the week from Drake (33:21), Nas (42:00) and the new Tik Tok x United Masters partnership (51:24). After they revisit some crazy trends (1:04:53), Sade brings up a situation and gets Pro’s thoughts on it (1:18:05).

The duo continue to quick fire through some more topics: new Radio Hall of Fame inductees (1:33:19), Ben Shapiro’s take on “WAP” (1:41:57), news from the Jam Master Jay case (1:48:08), and SZA v TDE (1:50:03).

This week’s “If You Don’t Know” features music from Savvy The Savior, nonSense, Eddie Rockwell and P.Ro$e (2:02:00).

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Beat by Yosonova

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