LFP: Ep 59 | Off The Rails, Pt 2

With both having a rough week, Pro and Sade catch up and proceed to go off the rails. Sade makes an announcement and Pro insults her into performing.

After a quick discussion about “The Boys" and Marvel v DC (27:19), Pro and Sade call in to send love to friend of the show, Daniree from La Cocina Podcast (44:10).

With not much going on, the duo explore some random topics: religion, life, afterlife and more (54:45). They also REACT! to the KO of the year (1:34:43) and get into new music from the past couple of weeks (1:43:34).

This week’s “If You Don’t Know” features music from Young Benny and ILL Conscious x Mute Won (2:14:45).

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