LFP: Ep 67 | Tenacious'De

Pro and Sade reunite and catch up on Sade's upcoming projects, the final stretch with 'KidNova,' and more. A talk about Supernatural and what they've been watching lately leads them into a random DC/Marvel rant (30:36).

They go on talk about Cyperpunk (1:03:01), "REACT!" to Andrew Shulz's new special (1:09:57), Facebook's lawsuits (1:30:02), a Clubhouse discussion on the Jersey music scene (1:35:48) and more.

This week's "If You Don't Know" features music from GuessMuzik x Ron Solemn x Yaladysprospect, and Shah Leezy (2:12:21).

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Beat by Valentino Daforce

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