LFP: Ep 70 | Dr. 'De

Updated: Jan 10

After a recap of their week, Pro gives insight into his upcoming album, 'KidNova' (19:15). They go on to pay tribute to MF Doom (30:57).

The duo discuss the thuggish Patriotism in recent events (40:31). This week's "REACT!" is brought to you by The Snoop Splash (1:12:00). They get into Jay-Z's new venture (1:24:37), Lauryn Hill (1:43:24), Jimmy Iovine's newest deal (1:55:52), Eminem vs. Snoop Dogg (1:58:17).

This week's "If You Don't Know" features music from Macc McCray and Raquel Liane (2:20:15).

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Beat by Macc McCray

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