LFP: Ep 72 | Something About Bernie

Sade dives into her rather eventful week, including an unusual video edit request and a run in with an old coworker. Does the duo have a future filming and editing porn? Does a great deed outweigh a bad one?

They get into the Biden/Harris Inauguration (1:04:14), Trump's exit (1:16:03), and Roc Nation's new cannabis fund for minority business owners (1:22:37). This week's "REACT!" is brought to you by Fat Joe x DJ Khaled's joint OnlyFans (1:26:00). They also discuss Timbaland's recent fake controversy (1:42:28) and some new music (1:48:44).

This week's "If You Don't Know" features music from 7TRiiiBES and Gabrielle Findley (1:57:16). Playlists are available on Apple and Spotify.

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Beat by Macc McCray

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