LFP: Ep 73 | Why You Triipin'?

This week the Lyrical Fix is joined by friend of the show, the highly anticipated guest - Triip. The three of them chop it up over music, friendships and more.

They start off discussing viral challenges (7:20), the progression and dealing with social anxiety (34:30), monetizing off of collaborations (48:37) and North Jersey forever being "lil bro" (58:46).

They also discuss the craft and lyricists v. rappers (1:19:09), a "REACT!" to DaBaby (1:44:53), battles (1:50:12), the Empire Business Family (2:12:36), and the different levels of being a lyricist (2:22:54).

This week's "If You Don't Know" features music from CjtheCannon, J.1.DA, LBtheGREAT, and Sxint Chris (2:55:28). Playlists available on Apple and Spotify.

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Beat by Macc McCray

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