LFP: Ep 74 | Fun Fact!

The Lyrical Fix is joined this week by the Queen herself, LBtheGREAT!

After some high school stories and dead fish, the trio discuss LB's love for music (11:57), her start in songwriting (21:24), and the obstacles she had to overcome and her progression (31:03).

They dive into her debut, 'NEON AQUAPUSSY': covering what she wanted to convey, the recording process, and the boldness behind the name and music (35:50).

In true Lyrical Fix fashion, they discuss everyone's favorite subject... sex (55:03). The savagery! They eventually circle back to music and what's to come from LB and the STTP crew (1:53:32).

This week's "If You Don't Know" features music from LBtheGREAT x Rich Tha Genius x 8aint jame8, Nick Mills, and Johnson Soldout (2:16:53). Playlists available on Apple and Spotify. Johnson’s book, “Scattered,” is available on Amazon.

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