LFP: Ep 76 | What a Mess-Cudi

With a snow advisory, Pro and Sade meet on Zoom for this episode. While catching up, they get into their week, new and old slang, and spiritual talk.

They dive into "Malcolm & Marie" and some hard relationship talk (1:16:50). The duo also discuss "Redemption Song," Viacom making things right, and the battle of the streaming services (1:41:09). Also, who wants to see yet another Biggie/Tupac biopic/doc? (1:54:35)

Before wrapping up they discuss the social media hysteria surrounding Rainbow Man, Meek Mill and Justin Timberlake (1:59:35).

No "If You Don't Know" segment this week, but check out the playlists available on Apple and Spotify.

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Beat by Arkin

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