LFP: Ep 80 | Fixated on 8aint

Just a little over a year later, 8aint jame8 revisits The Lyrical Fix just ahead of his sophomore release, 'I Am H.I.M. 2'.

Pro takes it back to Saint's debut, Clip Vol. IV, and he sheds light on the growth since, adapting to the pandemic, and coming out of the quarantine with The Flood (9:58).

The duo thank Saint for helping them getting through their down times, which leads into how creatives can be their own worst enemy at times and how to get through that (23:07).

In an album deep dive, Saint shares the process of making 'I Am H.I.M. 2,' his obsession with success, and some stories behind the music (58:07).

This week's "If You Don't Know" features music from Visionz x Develop, OB Beatzz, and Wais P (1:45:32). Playlists available on Apple and Spotify.

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Beat by Moses The Raven

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