LFP: Ep 93 | Trapspirations

This week, the duo chop it up with R.E.A.L. Music: Kid Allik, Moses The Raven, K-Proetic, and O. Live. This episode is brought to you by six creative hip hop heads in one room, jumping from topic to topic - bear with them.

After some (you guessed it) hip hop talk, Allik and Moses talk about the studio they own, which sparks studio etiquette, the woes of constructive criticism, and the upside to helping artists create (32:22).

As the guys try to define this new era of "vibes," they get into defining their sound and how some of them walk that fine line between genres (1:18:34). All the places they've perform (1:23:16). Another first meeting at Where Beats Meets Bars (1:28:37), and artists losing their way (1:31:00).

Before wrapping up the episode, O. Live talks about his upcoming debut, Catharsis (2:04:13) and Kid Allik sheds light on his upcoming docuseries, The Glo Up TV (2:17:23).

"If You Don't Know" (2:25:47) - playlists available on Apple & Spotify:

O. Live | HelloYatta x Curzon - "Real Talk"

K. Proetic | I.T. Official - "Wrinkle in Time"

Kid Allik | Seraiah Nicole - "I Am Me"

Moses The Raven | Joey Shinobi - "Simple // Shade"

Pro | Jorge Rivera - "Don't Let Me Go"

Sade | Mix Williams - "Something I Need"

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Beat by DeJuan Boyd

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