Logic Continues With 'Young Sinatra IV' (Stream)

Updated: Oct 5, 2018

After scaring us by revealing in the last song of Everybody that his last album would be on the way, Logic changes his mind like "SIKE! Just kidding, guys."

Even after dropping Bobby Tarantino 2, it was safe to assume that he wanted to follow up the first tape before dropping his last and final album. Things have changed.

YSIV opens up where Everybody left off, as the characters (Kai and Thomas) first introduced in The Incredible True Story hint that the next album would be Logic's last. However, the rest of their dialogue is revealed at the opening of YSIV where Thomas corrects himself "I mean the final Young Sinatra, the fourth one... Let's get back to this boom-bap shit."

Yes, "boom-bap shit" is correct.

"I won't ever leave this rap shit

No, I can't depart it"

At 14 tracks, YSIV features the likes of Wale, Jaden Smith, the ENTIRE WU-TANG CLAN (YES!), and more. Spilling over in pure lyrical madness, stream Logic's fourth installment. Logic even adds a tribute to the late Mac Miller with "YSIV." Stay plugged for more music on the way, as Young Sinatra claims he's "sittin' on five, unreleased albums." Sheesh!

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