Pusha T Kicks Off GOOD Summer with 'Daytona' (Review)

Kanye's executively produced G.O.O.D Summer kicks off with Pusha T's Daytona. After three years, his third album is more than welcomed - and well worth the wait.

Daytona offers a more focused King Push, and shall I say, more vicious. Arsenal in reach, the lyrical outlaw spews bullets that pierce the musically precise soundscape offered by an (undeniable) artistic genius.

"If you know, you know"

The not-so "Anonymous Drug Dealer" rhymes about the hustle, and just much all that nose candy has paid for from building his career, to giving back to the community. Push bares it all. Let'snot forget the true rapper bravado, as he puffs as his chest and demands your attention.

"This ain't for the conscious

This is for the mud made monsters"

A true storyteller, Push poetically exposes himself and shits on other rappers all in 21 minutes. Among the metaphors and analogies, you can't deny that....well, "that boy good!" His best project to date, it's obvious Kanye's intention with these short seven track albums. This is the best of the best, the creme de la creme of Push has to offer. As saying in several interviews that it was difficult to do so, Pusha T shines through and offers up his best.

"We all know what niggas for real been waiting on"

Check out the full credit list, including writers, other artists and producers on Daytona via [istandard].

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