Standout Debuts of 2018, II

And we continue on. Here is part two, where we take a look at the debuts released in the second quarter.

April 5th - Cardi B, Invasion of Privacy

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Now, you can’t deny that 2018 was the year of Cardi B. She rocked last year, and continued on to take over 2018 with chart-topping singles and a debut album that went Double Platinum in no time. Invasion of Privacy is everything. It’s vulnerable. It’s nasty. It’s real. It’s Cardi B.

While having a publicly known issue with fame, and the Invasion of Privacy that comes with it, Cardi uses her debut to be her normal wild self while exposing her vulnerability. She’s as brazen as she’s always been, but provides balance with the pensive moments, reflecting on her life and looking towards her future. The concept is her combatting the recent fame and everybody wanting to know her every move with simply letting those people into her world. You wanted into her world, she’s leaving the door open. Ratchet and pensive, there’s something for everybody - enjoy.

May 18th - KYLE, Light of Mine

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KYLE dropped his highly anticipated debut, Light of Mine, which showed a side of the rapper/singer that his fans have yet to see. Coming in at 15 tracks, he recruited the likes of Kehlani, Alessia Cara, Khalid, Take 6, and more.

KYLE is where pop meets rap, lighthearted and joyous. A place we find Chance the Rapper, DRAM and Aminé. Music is bouncy, content doesn’t quite match as he faces his conscious and addresses his depression right in the first track, “Ups & Downs.”

The album continues on with a Chance vibe, but Cudi content. KYLE provides that balance, the duality of “Ups & Downs” echoes throughout majority of the album. It’s that balance that shows KYLE is a person and not just some name. It shows that he’s more than just a “happy rapper” he’s been labeled. It’s not just fun and video games, as he talks about insecurities and growing up in the industry.

May 23rd - Juice WRLD, Goodbye & Good Riddance

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After striking gold with “Lucid Dreams,” and finding himself on radio stations, Juice WRLD released his debut album Goodbye & Good Riddance.

“I’m just trying to make music to help people through

their situations and to tell them about some of my own.”

Goodbye provides the narrative of a heartbroken kid, going through the process of having to let go and ultimately moving on from the girl who broken his heart. Working through the phases of loss, self doubt and losing yourself to eventually regaining that confidence and will to move on.

While I won't argue that Juice WRLD sounds like several other atists, there is something distinctive about his sound. His genre-bending aesthetic is more than just the blend of emo and hip hop. It's more than just his chopped and screwed trap. There's something about this kid that you can't help but root for. Let's hope he drops the drug talk and finds himself. There's potential there that even Future saw and latched onto. We shall see.

June 15th - Jacuqees, 4275

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After several mixtapes, Jacquees released his debut 4275. Coming in at 19 tracks, the Atlanta native gets features from Birdman, Young Thug, Trey Songz, Chris Brown, LaToucha Scott, Def Loaf and Jagged Edge.

For his debut 4275 has a balance of ’90 - early 2000’s R&B vibes mixed with a melodic trap sound. While some of those R&B vibes are recycled, Jacquees has a way of putting his own spin on it and making it his own. Despite the recycled content, the album contains the original content from Jacquees that we need more of. This is Jacquees we need to hear from. This is the Jacquees who, after honing in on his craft, maybe… possibly…  compete for King of R&B. Compete, not declare - word choice is everything. We need more original content. 

I will tell you this, when Jacquees gets in his own R&B bag, the kid is talented. Jacquees is still finding himself as an artist and provides a range on 4275 where he dips and dabbles in different sounds. His oringial tracks are a vibe for sure, the sound Jacquees should stick to instead of molding himself around others.

June 27th - Jazz Cartier, Fleurever

TIDAL | Spotify

Jazz Cartier made his major label debut with Fleurever. Orginially at 16, Jazz rolled out a deluxe version with four additional tracks. Featuring only KTOE, Jazz recruits production from KTOE as well, Abaz, 7-minus, Lanz and many more.

He explores different facets of relationships, from chasing the woman to falling to moving on. All the while, he explores his own life, the ups and downs. There is a sense of duality offered on the album, to which he expands upon in an interview with Billboard.

"Flowers have a very short lifespan and they don’t last forever. But with Fleurever, I want my body of work to bloom like a flower and hopefully it'll get somebody through something or just somebody that loves it enough to continue listening to it. I want my body of work to last forever. People will give you flowers for like graduating or birthdays and they also give you flowers when you die and those times you don't really smell them.

That's the concept of duality when it comes to the way I see flowers and the way people see flowers. Even though they may not realize it but it's like a universal gesture or meaning."

The Canadian rapper offers a range while staying true to his sound - which is key to an artist's debut. Whether the tempo is sped up or slowed down, you're getting Jazz Cartier. He sets out to let people know who he is.

June 30th - DeVine, Roses

Apple | TIDAL | Spotify

Dreamville, where ya at? TDE? This is your type, ain't it?

As the pages turn, you're drawn more and more in as he reads "The Rose that Grew From Concrete," placing himself in the shoes of Tupac. It clearly resonates well, setting the structure of the album as DeVine, at his best, comes off poetically.

DeVine is the "Rose" of his debut album, a humble kid who switches on the savagery in the drop of a beat. The hunger weaved in and out of his bars, it's undeniable that he deserves some recognition.

Offering a range from pensive to party - from underground to radio, with a sprinkle of love tracks - we find that DeVine has a way with storytelling. His niche is looking introspectively while caring for those around him. DeVine is at his best when reflecting about himself and his past in order to understand the world around him.

As an explosive act, DeVine is someone to keep an eye on. While his album is high up on the list, he has potential to go far and expand on his artistry.

Here are more debuts that released second quarter:

Famous Dex, Dex Meets Dexter Apple | TIDAL | Spotify

Tee Grizzley, Activated Apple | TIDAL | Spotify

Aysha Monet, Don’t Forget Apple | TIDAL | Spotify

Stay Plugged for more Standout Debuts of 2018.

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