Stream Future & Zaytoven's Mixtape, 'Beast Mode 2'

Future and Zaytoven have linked up once again for the long awaited sequel to their 2015's Beast Mode. Just like its prequel, Beast Mode 2 comes in at nine tracks.

Zaytoven spoke with FADER, and revealed that they originally recorded 100 songs for the mixtape.

"It's easier to digest that way. We recorded 100 songs just to give you nine. So that means we took our time to pick out what we feel like the audience would want. We could’ve put 20 songs on there and it’d seem like we guessing. Like we don’t know which songs are the good ones so we just put them all on there and let the fans pick. That’s how I look at it when there’s just so many songs. Now, you’re just giving me too much music. I’m the type of guy where, if I see like 20 songs, I don’t even wanna listen to one of ‘em ‘cause it’s too much.”

Sounds solid to me. Stream Beast Mode 2 below.

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