The Lyrical Fix Pod: Ep 13 | La Sala Sesh

After a rundown of their weeks and a recap of the latest Check It!, the Lyrical Fix fam discuss Summer Walker wanting to tap out of music (44:10), and Drake getting booed at Tyler’s festival (1:04:27).

At some point, Sade’s mic stops working… bare with us.

They then get into Dre Dre’s ‘Chronic 2001’ turning 20 (1:12:32) which leads into a Songwriter Hall of Fam discussion (1:20:20).

They also deep dive into sports, starting with the Jay-Z and Kaepernick fiasco (1:25:00), then the Garret beatdown (1:34:28).

The Lyrical crew conclude with a quick rundown of new releases (1:39:15), which leads into the conversation if there’s a King of R&B (1:41:52).

Stay Plugged for more from The Lyrical Fix Podcast.

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