The Lyrical Fix Pod: Ep 16 | Bare Assed Favoritism

Sade and Kid Pro discuss their busy weeks, all buzzing around the two year anniversary show for Check It! An Open Mic Night.

Kid Pro talks about the recent Beat Battle at One Mic Day (54:52). The duo talk about Lizzo being industry plant of the year (1:17:54) and pay their respect to Juice WRLD (1:38:09). 

They move on to (again) discuss the beef between Nick Cannon and Eminem (1:52:53) and move on to a viral snippet from Charlamagne’s interview with Meek Mill (2:04:12). 

Pro and Sade then wrap up with their recent meet with We Are Jersey’s Bee and Banks - Stay plugged for Pro’s interview with We Are Jersey coming very soon (2:16:19). 

Stay Plugged for more from The Lyrical Fix Podcast

Beat by Epidemic of STTP.

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