The Lyrical Fix Pod: Ep 17 | Happy Medium

The duo start by talking about their time at 8aint jame8’s listening party for ‘Clips Vol 4’ - release date Jan 11th - and a quick run down of their weeks.

They also discuss the abundance of podcasts (the beginning of this one), tattoos and Kid Pro’s upcoming interview with Therapy Without A Degree. They also discuss their thoughts on “Pause” and “No Homo” trends (26:39).

They move onto topics, starting with Trump’s “impeachment” (47:59),  Diddy’s 50th birthday party (1:03:53), and the debacle that is Karol Sanchez (1:25:41).

Karol is in no way affiliated with any known Sanchez’s and is in fact not Dominican - Sade apologizes for that mistake.

They also discuss Tekashi 69 (1:38:19), and Andre 3000’s interview with Rick Rubin (1:46:21).

Stay Plugged for more from The Lyrical Fix Podcast.

Beat by Epidemic and 8aint jame8 of STTP.

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