The Lyrical Fix Pod: Ep 18 | That's What I Want

The Lyrical Fix fam is back from their holiday break, and ready to get back to work.

Even with all the news, they decide to keep it light this episode. Kid Pro and Sade catch up in the first half, talking about everything from Vegas festivities to child birth - and everything in between.

They discuss how busy the Rap Radar boys have been with both the Drake (50:35) and Griselda (1:04:07) interviews including hot takes and controversies. The duo deep dive into a decade end wrap up (1:14:04) going from top artists, albums, mixtapes, beats, and R&B artists.

Sade and Kid Pro get into a new segment, “If You Don’t Know,” where they highlight underground artists - because if you don’t know them, "now you know."

Stay Plugged for more from The Lyrical Fix Podcast.

New month, new producer - beat by Ace Felli.

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