The Lyrical Fix Pod: Ep 9 | The Greenhouse

The Lyrical Fix crew bring you Episode 9 from The Greenhouse, brought to you by Straight To The Point with Villa, 8aint jame8, LB The Great and Epidemic.

After a run down of their week, the episode focuses on the STTP fam (8:24). Saint talks about their journey, from the beginning to how they eventually bonded and created STTP (11:50). They take a quick break to argue if “Central Jersey” actually exists (18:06), where everyone gets in their feelings and Pro starts “rubbing his knees.” It ends with “North and South” from Lyrical Fix and “North, Central and South” from STTP.

They refocus (eventually) and LB talks about how she met Saint which led to her becoming an artist (23:20). Light then shines on Epidemic (29:50), one of two producers of STTP - shout out to NDEED out in Texas! Epidemic talks about the production process, and how everyone is involved. Epidemic goes on to reveal that he wasn’t always confident in his work (33:32) which leads the group to  discuss how tough it is being a perfectionist.

Without divulging too much, take a listen for yourself and catch episode 9.5 to find out more from STTP.

Stay Plugged for more from The Lyrical Fix Podcast.

Beat by OB Beatzz

You can get your very own 88 Merch, and stream their latest project #STTPSZN on AudioMack and SoundCloud. You might as well check out all their links to get even more familiar with STTP: 8aint jame8, Villa, LB The Great, & Epidemic.

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