The Lyrical Fix Podcast: Ep 12 | Red Hulk

The Lyrical Fix crew talk ‘Jesus is King’ debuting at No. 1 (23:38), which leads to a streaming numbers decision (24:14). They go on to talk about Summer Walker possibly bowing out the game (32:16), and Cam’Ron take on image versus lyrics (48:38)

The fam pay respect to Walter Mercado (1:08:00), and react to the news about Angie Martinez (1:19:40).

Val speaks on mental health, depression and ways to help yourself (1:21:34). If anybody, whether it be someone you know or you yourself, there are outlets to help you. From texting therapists to the Lifeline (1-800-273-8255), there’s always something we can do.

Pro gets into story time with some cautionary tales for the artists listening (1:43:33) which leads to a generalized discussion about scams artists face in the industry - whether that be mainstream or local/underground. A deep dive on this coming soon.

Stay Plugged for more from The Lyrical Fix Podcast.

Beat by Epidemic of STTP

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