The Lyrical Fix Podcast: Ep 14 | The Hard Segue

While discussing their week, Val touches on meditation and the three together talk about ways to decompress - Rage Room episode coming soon.

The trio always recap their night at The Greenhouse (25:27). You can check out their Michael McDonald Tribute on YouTube.

Yes, Sade needs a new fire alarm… it will be replaced soon we promise!

After a struggle over said fire alarm, the trio discuss Kaepernick (45:41), the Bryon Allen vs Comcast case (53:06) and Ari Lennox (1:30:57) which leads into some Grammy talk (1:34:46).

The Lyrical Fix fam conclude with diving into Genius’s Top 5 (of 100) of the 2010’s (1:55:43). Happy Birthday MBDTF!

Stay Plugged for more from The Lyrical Fix Podcast.

Beat by 8aint jame8 of STTP.

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