The Lyrical Fix Podcast: Ep 3 | "We'll Figure It Out"

After catching you up on their week, Val, Kid Pro and Sade discuss Open Mic Etiquette (17:55). They cover the Do’s and Dont’s of how artists should conduct themselves in a performance and networking setting, with help from friends who had PLENTY to say. The trio also talk about stage fright (39:57), and their first performances.

Catch their Lyrical Fix Breakdown (52:39) as each cover a lyric to which they related to personally.

Bronxlyn of Music on Heaven will the featured guest of Check It! An Open Mic Night on Sept 12th. Check out the visual for his lead single “Land of the Free” off his new album AKATA (1:11:00).

Stay Plugged for more from The Lyrical Fix Podcast.

Beat by Buggy Ocran

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