The Lyrical Fix Podcast: Ep 7 | Know Yourself

After talking about their semi-eventful week, the Lyrical Fix tiro deep dive into more of the 69 case (28:35), Trump, and Kanye’s tardiness (42:24).

The trio shed light on a recent tragedy, the loss of artist C.Millie’s brother, Dennis Power (55:42). As October is marked as Domestic Abuse Awareness Month, they discuss Dennis’s case, and how important it is for people to reach out for help no matter what.

They go onto to discuss the Amber Guyger case, and if they could forgive like Botham Jean’s brother forgave Amber (1:10:22).

Finally, in place of a Lyrical Breakdown, the hosts deep dive into a game of “Know Yourself” (1:23:53) where you find out a little bit more from your favorite pod-sters.

Break the silence against domestic violence. If this is happening to you, or someone you know is in a situation like this, please reach out to 773.278.4566. Whether it be that hotline number, or a friend’s number, reaching out to whomever could save a life.

Stay Plugged for more from The Lyrical Fix Podcast.

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