Wale Releases Another EP, 'Free Lunch'

Wale has been consistently dropping music, and may I say thank you! That pen game is sharp as ever!

After It's Complicated and Self Promotion, Wale keeps it going with his third release this year - Free Lunch.

Wale seems to be in a much better space this year. Say what you want, but this guy is good! The diction, metaphors, smilies - Oh my!

"We in a different time. We all gotta do our part and the most valuable thing you can offer is your words. We gotta feed the old, the young, and everyone in between."

The 20-minute gem-packed EP only features J. Cole (great to see them working together again) and Eric Bellinger. Stream Free Lunch below via SoundCloud - also available on Apple, TIDAL and Spotify.

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